Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan new collection 2022

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan presented four exclusive new products at the latest Salone del Mobile in Milan, expressions of a free and dynamic creativity and a prestigious artisan heritage.

Albero, Roma, Frog and Art de Vivre fit within a collection of multifunctional ceramic sculptures that express versatility and beauty in any context.

The geometry of the shapes and the grandeur of the design of Albero give a majestic ceramic sculpture, customizable according to one’s inspiration and the most creative taste, combined with functional elements such as air purification, nebulization and the diffusion of aromas.

Roma is a freestanding washbasin in which the combination of ceramic and white Carrara marble celebrates the union of tradition and innovation, the mainstay of the Artwork collection. The inclusion of an internal light source enhances and highlights the characteristic shape of the washbasin, a precious reminder of Italy.

Frog is the world’s first ceramic seat that tells of a universe of potential all to be discovered. Sinuous and captivating lines give the pleasure of uncompromising comfort. Different types of fabrics can be combined, generating an endless range of potential combinations that can satisfy any taste.

The Art de Vivre collection of luxury sanitary ware features expert Italian craftsmanship, the immaculate beauty of marble, and the versatility of ceramic. Available in Nero Marquinia, Bianco Carrara, Sodalite Lapislazuli, Giallo Siena, Verde Alpi.


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