Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan: artistry, excellence, and customisation

by Editorial Staff

Compasses Magazine

The history that distinguishes Artwork Italian Heritage begins with the manufacturing experience of Kerasan, a leading company in the production of sanitary ware.

This new brand is the result of a strong identity that intends to launch traditional ceramic sanitary ware outside the usual sphere of use, taking on different guises and introducing it into all types of indoor and outdoor spaces, including private ones, turnkey contracts, and those related to the hospitality industry.

Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan is the expression of an original point of view on design, an unlimited and dynamic creativity, a laboratory of innovative ideas in which artistry and excellence in manufacturing coexist and complement each other. Different experiences and concepts converge in a path defined by the desire to experiment and to create innovative design.

In Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan the very limits of ceramics are constantly redefined, creating something unique that goes beyond the traditional application schemes of the material, while enhancing its distinctive features.

Originally, the collection included only Moloco and Barrel, two iconic reinterpretations of traditional style sanitary ware which today are also available in the form of a burner, a lamp, and a cachepot.
The collection was then enriched with Adam, which offers the pleasure of having clean and heated air in any environment, and Pedone, a fascinating and evocative interior design item that reflects style and character. Cow, Moscardino and Segni delle Carte are the result of the desire for creativity, artistry, uniqueness, and functionality: they are furniture accessories that go beyond the boundaries of imagination with enveloping and designer shapes to suit any space in our everyday life. With 1960 and Groove, the rigour of design and the softness of shape have been enhanced.

Today the collection is enriched with new awesomeness, for example, with Albero, the ceramic sculpture that takes us back to an ancestral paradise, dominated by nature and its power.
The geometry of its shapes and the grandeur of the design are combined with functional elements such as an air purifier and aroma diffuser.

Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan means ceramics without boundaries and pure synergism between form and function, beauty and use, artistry, and customisation.

KERASAN srl | Via Einstein, 3 Civita Castellana 01033 (VT) Italy | 0761 542018 | |


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