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Everything Architecture 2022 Dubai presented 15 awarded projects among the participants in the AUD Architecture Senior Showcase 2022: graduation projects by senior students submitted in ARCH 502 – Architectural Design Studio X, supervised by Dr Anna Cornaro, Dr Georges Kachaamy and Dr Abdellatif Qamhaieh.

An international jury of academics, journalists and entrepreneurs awarded the graduation projects last Spring. Among them is also the winner of the Architecture Magazine Compasses Award, a special recognition given by Compasses magazine to young graduating architects and designers. A special jury led by our Scientific Director Andrea Pane and including Federico Calabrese (UFBA, Salvador, Brazil) and Giovanni Menna (University of Naples Federico II) – has awarded the senior thesis entitled “BLUR” by AlHanouf AlNassar with the “Compasses Award”.

The award of the American University in Dubai

Among the fifteen projects selected, the winners Yasmeen Hussein Mohd Issa, Priyanka Nikhil Dhurandhar and Suood Abdulrazzaq Yousef Abdulla Aal Abdulla provided an original point of view in translating culture, traditions and sustainability in their graduation projects, demonstrating talent and professional competence.

Compasses magazine has also identified its winner, rewarding a young student, AlHanouf AlNassar, who, in her project, has been able to combine sustainability, aesthetic sense and functionality.

Blur by AlHanouf AlNassar - Architecture Magazine Compasses Award

AlHanouf AlNassar is the winner of “Compasses Award”, a prize set up by the Compasses magazine in cooperation with American University in Dubai, and headed by Andrea Pane (scientific director of Compasses) and composed by Federico Calabrese (UFBA, Salvador, Brazil) and Giovanni Menna (University of Naples Federico II).

The concept of “The Blur Project” is based on the study and investigation of a system capable of collecting moisture and converting it into usable water. The main façade of the tower has a dynamic wall system that opens and closes according to humidity. Its overlapping volumes, connected together through a steel grid, collect the accumulated water that can then be used later.

“The Blur Project” is an excellent example of the encounter between architecture and sustainability, without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality.

The senior thesis entitled “BLUR” by AlHanouf AlNassar was awarded with the following motivation:

“The BLUR Project addresses the tower building theme with a highly innovative approach, based on sustainability and low environmental impact through a series of multiple measures relating to water recovery and the reduction of energy consumption. The project, well represented graphically with drawings of strong visual impact, therefore stands as a significant example of the most advanced approach for the design of a building type very widespread in the UAE, of which it proposes a radical revision in terms of composition, construction and energy”.

The Compasses Award consists of the publication of the project in the “Academia” column of Compasses magazine and of a one-year subscription to the magazine for the author, starting from the next issue.

House of Silence by Yasmeen Hussein Mohd Issa First place AUD Architecture Senior Showcase

The project of Yasmeen Hussein Mohd Issa is the story of the encounter between sound and silence. It starts from a very simple question: is it possible to harmonize sounds, noises and music of Dubai with the community of hypo-hearing or deaf?

Stitching Cultures by Priyanka Nikhil Dhurandhar Second place AUD Architecture Senior Showcase

A platform to preserve the Tibetan and Indian tradition and the cultural representation of these two peoples: this is the main concept of the project of Priyanka Nikhil Dhurandhar. An invitation to consider another way of life, more sustainable and built to respect every human being.

Qimmah by Suood Abdulrazzaq Yousef Abdulla Aal Abdulla Third place AUD Architecture Senior Showcase

Developing eco-tourism on Mount Jabel Jais, designing spaces dedicated to hikers and visitors, and thus feeding a mountain community: this is the goal of the project of Suood Abdulrazzaq Yousef Abdulla Aal Abdulla. An exercise to effectively combine modernity and sustainability.

Compasses magazine at Everything Architecture: our special thanks

Special thanks to Dr. Anna Cornaro, Compasses Associate Editor Middle East, for the work she did for the Architecture Magazine Compasses Award and acting as a reference during the event for the young girls and boys involved, the architects and designers of tomorrow, and to Olena Gredina for conducting the interviews.

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Awarded Students

Yasmeen Hussein Mohd Issa
Priyanka Nikhil Dhurandhar
Suood Abdulrazzaq Yousef Abdulla Aal Abdulla


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