New dates for SAIE: the construction fair anticipates its return to Bologna (14-17 October 2020)

by Editorial Staff

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Many special initiatives planned to show excellence and help businesses to restart

At the center of the innovative format and special initiatives of SAIE the protagonists of Italy that builds. Great space for products, training and new technological solutions, told within the Squares of Excellence directly from companies and professionals in the sector. After the success of the last edition also returns Cassa Edile Awards, with an even wider participation.

The new edition of SAIE, the construction fair, will arrive a week earlier than originally planned and will be held in Bolognafiere from 14 to 17 October 2020. A small variation to meet the recent needs of the national exhibition calendar and the partner Bolognafiere. In this particular moment SAIE confirms in a determined way the will to remain at the side of the enterprises of the construction row in order to be found ready, together, to support a fast restart of the productive and industrial system national.

To encourage the development of the sector, SAIE starts again from the cornerstones of building – The Building Fair. Design, construction, plant engineering – proposing concrete solutions for the needs of professionals and all operators in a format that will focus on the site and the construction system. A path that will have as its guiding thread the innovation declined in the various sectors. The fair will be, infact, a fundamental opportunity to make known and interpret the latest technological solutions, the most advanced materials and products that can be integrated with new techniques of design, construction, maintenance and management of buildings.

We roll up our sleeves and make ourselves available to partners, companies and operators in the sector. This is what SAIE has decided to do at this time for the country – said Emilio Bianchi, General Manager of SAIE We want to be close to those who give life every day to Italian construction and to those who allow the supply chain to grow. Hence the decision, made in total synergy with Bolognafiere, to anticipate the fair while keeping intact its spirit and the planned initiatives. Indeed, we work daily to give the protagonists of the sector an increasingly innovative format and that gives the many excellences of Italy that builds, the space they deserve. We are convinced that, in this context, SAIE will be able to act as a driving force for the growth of the entire supply chain offering in addition to the essential exhibition, also training and comparison moments, creating new networking and business opportunities for exhibitors and visitors”.

Many themes will be addressed during SAIE and will be divided into four macro areas: Design and Digitization; Construction; Facilities; Services. Each of these will respond in a concrete way to the needs of the operators, providing an accurate exhibition and training activities characterized by engaging demonstrations and an articulated program of workshops and conferences. From the great changes in the design phase brought by the design in BIM, to the digitalization of construction processes and construction site, passing through the novelties in materials and construction techniques, to solutions for finishes and decorations for indoor and outdoor, until the focus on the integration of the building/ plant, great protagonist of the new edition: inside SAIE will be dedicated ample space to every aspect of the building, with great attention to the excellence of the supply chain.

The many special initiatives of SAIE will be dedicated to the excellence of Italian know-how. Real projects, case studies, innovative solutions told directly by suppliers, designers, clients and installers will animate a series of events that will enhance the interest in companies, their products and their works. Among these, the Piazza del Serramento Innovativo, an in-depth study focused on the door and door as an increasingly essential product for the energy efficiency of the building and its sustainability; the Piazza Impianti, BIM e Digitale dedicated to plumbing and plumbing manufacturers and plant companies that have chosen to make their products integrable with BIM projects; the Piazza Macchine da cantiere intelligenti, that will show the concrete solutions that improve the effectiveness of the dynamics of the yard and the interaction man-machine/equipment; the Safety Square in the yards, in which they will be deepened the topics and the regulations on safety and health in the chain of the constructions; Piazza Edificio Salubre to show through excellence cases how you can improve the quality of life in enclosed spaces, through a proper design, construction and management of integrated building-plant, with systems able to guarantee an optimal internal microclimate, a good quality of air and water, products that allow thermal and acoustic insulation favoring comfort.

And in the framework of SAIE will be held the second edition of the Cassa Edile Awards, the award that the system of building funds annually recognizes companies, workers and consultants ambassadors of positive values for the bilateral system of construction. The success and attention aroused by the first edition made this second appointment even more heartfelt and participated, thanks to the active involvement of the CNCE in the organization and the announced increase of the candidates to receive the most original award, Innovative and coveted in the field of construction. The aim of the award, also for this edition, is to contribute to the ethical consolidation of the sector through the enhancement of the stories of those who work loyally and in compliance with the rules.

In addition to these initiatives is COLORI&DECORI Show, the new space dedicated to companies of colors, finishes and dry systems that, through a special formula of interactive demonstration, enhances the best commercial activities, the concrete applications of the products and the use of equipments. A series of conferences and training workshops for condominium administrators, with in-depth analysis dedicated to issues and regulations, especially in the matter of tax bonuses for restructuring will be, finally, protagonists of Condominio in mostra, organized initiative with ANAPI – National Association of Professional Property Administrators.

All information on the portal www.saiebologna.it


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