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We are working on issue 41 of Compasses dedicated to “Libraries” and we are looking for new articles. Submit your paper by April 14th to the editorial board.

call for project

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COMPASSES is a Scientific Magazine of Architecture and Interior Design. In the age of digital and artificial intelligence, the library is no longer just a container of books, but it is becoming a true collective hub of knowledge, learning, and education. In addition, some libraries are true depositories of cultural heritage, and they are located in architectural places of extraordinary beauty, capable of captivating their users in the same way as a museum or a sacred space.  How has the role of libraries changed over time? What social function will libraries assume in the future?

Starting with these questions, the 41st issue of Compasses is devoted entirely to these extraordinary places, their history and their role in societies of all times. Send your paper by April 14th to the editorial board.


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