AI in Architecture: what’s the impact?


A new era of Architecture

Is there still space for human creativity in Architecture, now that AI is finding increasing relevance and applications in various fields? We discuss this in the latest issue of Compasses Magazine, issue number 42, entirely dedicated to investigating the effects and transformations in the architecture and design industry after the advent of artificial intelligence.


Inside AI

The new issue of Compasses, with the contributions of its authors and collaborators, rekindles the existing debate on the subject and introduces its readers to innovative projects carried out with advanced computer technologies or dedicated to production facilities for hardware and software, server farms, and data centers where machines reside rather than humans.


Exploring the future of design through AI

The latest issue of Compasses Magazine delves into the future of design and architecture through an in-depth exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), unveiling its extraordinary capacity to unlock new creative dimensions. The issue provides a thorough analysis, from reflections on the implications of the digital turn in architecture to insights into image generators based on AI. 

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