The editorial board for the light version of Compasses magazine focused on architecture, interior design or urban planning of the Middle East region, is composed by academics and professionals in the fields of architecture, planning, conservation, design, based both in UAE and Italy. New blood for new ideas to keep Compasses looking forward.

Publisher Board

Marco Ferretti
Francesca Maderna

Scientific Director

Editorial Staff

Jenine Principe
Daria Verde

Art Director

Ferdinando Polverino De Laureto

Team and Publishing Coordinator

Associate Editors Middle East

Anna Cornaro
Cristiano Luchetti
Ivan Parati

Associate Editor Italy

Maria Vittoria Capitanucci

Advertising Sales Director

Luca Màllamo

Advertising Sales Manager

Agicom Srl
Manuela Zuliani


e.built srl – Italy

Digital Marketing & Website

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