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Nothing but Art: Index Tower Penthouse

Usually common people choose art pieces according to its colours, style and whether or not it matches their cozy sofa, but what happens when you put together an art expert and art-sensitive architects? The result is something special and unique, between a home and an art gallery.

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Mexican minimalism: the Camino Real Hotel Polanco by Ricardo Legorreta

After half a century of operation, the Camino Real Polanco Hotel in Mexico City is still a dense and stimulating architecture. In July 1968, the hotel, designed by the Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, opened its doors. It was the first project executed by the architect for the Camino Real Hotel chain, which also includes the buildings of Ciudad Juárez (1966), Cancun (1975) and Ixtapa (1981). For the realization of the Mexico City hotel, Legorreta counted on the advice of the architect Luis Barragán, the artist Mathias Goeritz and on the collaboration of other professionals.

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