Architecture & Interior Design

Light, Color, Matter. Guest Area for the New Dubai Sport Arena

Landing in Dubai something that you notice at first glance is the color of the sky and the intensity of light. A light that often seems filtered through the moist, hazy and dusty atmosphere. It is a different light than that of the Italian and south European latitudes, where colors are much more saturated and light defines shapes with a sharper blade cut between sun and shade.

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The future of design in China. The next edition of Tianjin International Design week

Since 2014, the Tianjin International Design Week, TDW, has become a referral point among design weeks, especially in China, where the attention towards architecture, design and art is incredibly rising through the years. After five editions and looking forward to the next one, from the 10th to the 15th of May 2019, it is time to make a balance so to understand what this event made and what it can do to develop the culture of design across China and Asia.

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Urban Mangroves

The United Arab Emirates are known for a delightful winter season with sunny temperate days, which allow people to enjoy rural and urban landscapes in variegated ways. On the contrary, during summer, the desert’s weather is characterized by scorching temperatures that make the outdoor life almost unbearable because of the Persian Gulf humid air that laps the coastal surrounding regions.

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