Architecture & Interior Design

A prefab architecture: the Ivanhoe extension

Thinking about Australia usually means recalling images of beautiful unique landscapes in wild uncontaminated places, often inhabited by exotic animals. Undoubtedly, this image coincides with reality when referring to the famous outback, i.e. the inner territories basically untouched by man. By contrast the coastal part of the country is definitely more familiar to foreign visitors

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HIM: Hand Immersion Module

Conceived to inspire curiosity and to become a symbol for a new generation of objects, this column is designed to provide touch-free hand disinfection in private and high-traffic public settings

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Lago Welcome Maglie @ Corte Campanile

The project for the LAGO WELCOME Maglie @Corte Campanile emerged out of the desire to restore and revitalise a little corner of the historical centre of Maglie, comprising a two-floor property (mezzanine level and lower ground floor) that was in a state of total abandonment and suffering major structural problems

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